Mommy Drinks Because You Cry Sarcastic Coloring Book

St. Martin's Griffin

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The Mommy Drinks Because You Cry sarcastic coloring book is for the rare moments moms actually have to themselves.  It's an opportunity to enjoy the calming act of coloring with a little dose of sass (we suggest adding wine, too!). This coloring collection of beautiful designs and illustrations is paired with best worst thoughts, including “I child-proofed my house, but they still get in.” and “Home is where the vodka is.” Each hystericaly captioned design is printed on thick, tear-out pages.  You can decorate with them or give them as passive-aggressive gifts to friends and family. When you want to unwind, but just aren't feeling sunshine and rainbows, this is the perfect adult coloring book to let your inner sarcasm out. 

Book includes 30 tear-out drawings.